ZYG-POL, Pomoc drogowa, ratownictwo drogowe, transport międzynarodowy

Our company


Mr Zygmunt Puternicki the company owner, founded it in 1984. Since 1991 the company has been carrying out the international transport and forwarding. Since 1998 the company has expanded its activity and took up road assistance / Road rescue heavy duty recovery.

  • We have a priority in road assistance vehicles traffic permit;

  • We have contracts signed with National Fire Departments;

  • We have a frequency permit and a permit for radio Communications devices use;

  • At II National Exhibition of Road Assistance and Towing Equipment we were awarded the distinction for best exhibition;

  • We were awarded I place in the contest for the prettiest booth exhibition at the National Exhibition of Road Assistance and Towing Equipment;

  • Personnel operating recovery vehicles are authrised to carry out pre - medical first aid.

  • We also carry out a professional rep air of foods vehicles after accidents.